Getting to Know Dr. Lupenko – Alexander Lupenko

Located in New York, specifically in Roslyn Heights, Dr. Lupenko – Alexander Lupenko MDI is a doctor who specializes in infectious diseases. He has a NY State Medical License that is active through 2017. For 32 years, the doctorhas been in practice in this area, with a subspecialty in international health and travel/tropical health. He has the knowledge to be the doctor of many of those who travel overseas and are in contact with diseases that are rarely seen in the United States. For example, malaria, tropical diseases not seen in the United States, and the like. His experience in the field has led him to become one of the premier doctors in this field of study.

Dr. Lupenko – Alexander Lupenko MDI earned his degree from Jagiellonian University Medical College. He then completed his residency in internal medicine at the Catholic Medical Centers of Brooklyn and Queens located in New York. After this portion in his career, he went onto the SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn for his fellowship in Infectious disease. These are well-respected colleges and health centers that are proud to state that Doctor Alexander Lupenko New York is one of the doctors who has esteemed their hallways and dealt with patients.

Reviews on Alex LupenkoAlong with being an esteemed doctor in the field of infectious diseases, he is also the senior medical advisor for Passport Health. He began this position in 2005 and continues to help those who are international travelers and need a specialist in terms of infectious diseases that run rampant in some areas throughout the world. He has several affiliations with other travel health associations such as the Society of Travel Medicine and the American Society of Travel Medicine and Hygiene.

The clinics in which Dr. Lupenko – Alexander Lupenko MDI can be found throughout the week include the PassportHealthclinics located in Roslyn Heights, Forest Hills, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Holbrook, all located in the New York area. Due to his numerous positions and his knowledge in the area, several people schedule to meet with the esteemed doctor whenever they have questions arrive that are related to infectious diseases.  Those who have visited with Dr. Alex Lupenko MDI have nothing but high remarks to give the doctor. They find that he schedules you as soon as possible, as well as takes his time to explain the illness or characteristics of an illness that you may be dealing with. He also takes the time to answer any and all questions that you may have to ensure that you are fully aware of the situation once you leave his office.

For those who are looking for a doctor that specialized in infectious diseases in the New York area, Dr. Lupenko – Alexander Lupenko MD is one of the top doctors within this field. He has not been involved in any type of lawsuits, receives high remarks from those who have utilized his expertise, and has all the necessary schooling to claim himself as one of the best infection diseases doctors on the market.